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Design Services

Salix Web Services Design and Publish
Cost Effective, Attractive Websites.

Websites that work. Websites that don't cost the mythical pot of gold. Your site needs to generate interest in your business, working even when you may not be.

Hosting Services

Salix Web Services offer hosting for all web sites. Not just our own.

Built on the latest server hardware and technology, our robust cloud hosting platform is based in a state-of-the-art secure UK data centre for speed, quality, and complete peace of mind.

Domain Registration

Take your business online. No hidden costs.

Hundreds of domain extensions to choose from.

We help register your address for your website.

If you have a domain name registered elsewhere, We can still provide site hosting.

Custom Artwork & Graphic Design

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Salix Graphic Design
Salix Graphic Design
Custom Graphics

Design should never say, ‘Look at me.’ It should always say, ‘Look at this.’

– David Craib.

Stand Out From The Crowd

You want your website to stand out. You want your website to be able to promote you or your business to the widest audience. All Salix Web Sites are produced using best practise techniques. With Modern, Clean practical pages, your site is easy to navigate, easy to follow and more over, fast.

Salix Web Services produce all sites using the most up to date software, meaning your web site functions on all modern connected devices. You can even try it yourself with this site. It works on mobile phones, tablets, notebook computers, laptop computers, all the way up to full blown Desktop and large display machines (Including Smart TV's!)

We design, host and maintain quality, Modern websites. We also offer hosted installs for Wordpress® a favourite for blogging and Content Management System.

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Who Are We?

Salix Graphic Design was established over 10 years ago as an art and drawing service for web site designers.

It has evolved over time to become Salix Web Services, which better represents us as a One Stop service for Total Web Site Design, Web Hosting & Domain Name Registrations, and of course Custom Graphics for Web and Print.

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